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Thanks to motorisation, blinds have been brought to a new level of functionality, convenience, and sophistication. Today, motorisation is no longer considered a luxury in the market but a standard with which blinds have to be categorised and graded against.


Our Western Australian made blinds have earned a reputable impression in the industry with motorisation playing a significantly major role in it. With blind motorisation technology, you can now have the remote controlled motorisation feature on the full line of blinds.

With its versatility and manageability, roller blinds are among the most popular window covering options as they come in a wide range of textures, colours, and fabrics. Linda the Curtain Lady provides a variety of choices that will surely complement any window type, whilst being great looking, affordable, and practical.


Roller blinds are readily available in a wide variety of fabrics from translucent to sheer and blockout as well as a range of patterned and print fabrics. Our custom made roller blinds are sophisticatedly designed to operate on high-standard Acmeda mechanisms. From the standard bracket system, the dual bracket system, the motorized system, the linked roller blind system, or the one-touch system, all our roller blinds employ stainless steel chain of high-grade materials. And due to their smooth operation, practicality, and versatility, it should be no surprise that Linda the Curtain lady's Custom roller blinds are popular choice for all types of homes.

Roller Blinds


If you want to add class to your windows, then Roman blinds are an absolute elegant option. Linda the Curtain Lady offers a wide range of battens including three aluminum timber-toned colours in their Roman as well as Californian picks.


Roman blinds are ideal for both modern and character homes. Our Roman blinds ideally fuse functionality and style as they come available in various colours and fabrics. You may choose to have your blinds fitted inside your window if you want minimal light or you may have them outside the window recess if you want to show off an existing architrave.


Because they give your windows a clear view when fully opened and maximum privacy when drawn, Roman blinds present a sleek contemporary look that is perfect for modern décor. Pick from our chain, cord, as well as alternative motorisation systems to run your blinds.

Panel blinds presents a stunning and minimalist design theme into any home.


They offer a unique, effective, and attractive option for those large windows and doors with their unmatched practicality and their natural and simplistic look. Linda the Curtain Lady will be sure to find the best sets of functional as well as fabulous panel blinds to suit your liking and need.


Panel blinds come in a wide array of excellent-quality fabrics that range from blockout to sunscreen and various other beautifully textured and patterned selections. For their stylish and practical features, panel blinds provide a neat and natural look that is ideal for the cosy and informal sections in your home.

Panel Blinds

Roller Blind Textured Mantra Fabric

Roman Blinds

Venetian blinds are a smart choice, they will always complement the look and design of a wide range of interior types and styles. Simple yet elegantly stylish, Linda the Curtain Lady offers quality and flexibility with these slim venetian blinds.


With high-tensile aluminum slats used, venetian blinds offer extreme durability, allowing them to last and stay as good as new for years. Our venetian blinds offer a flexible approach in terms of covering your windows in style, allowing light to be easily controlled while at the same time providing good visibility. Extremely versatile and easy to operate, the Perth made venetian blinds systems are available in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles, ensuring that every need of every client is fully met and satisfied.

Venetian Blinds